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Friday (and the rest of your week) Chemistry Fix

We hope this finds you all well. Since a lot of kids are currently being homeschooled, we thought this would be a good time to release our “Sharing Molecules” activity booklet into the wild, under the CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 license we use for all posts on this blog.

You can download it in pdf format from this link: Sharing Molecules booklet_final

I trust that you can assess whether the youngsters you are caring for are capable of working with you on different activities (it should be supervised, as they may get messy). RSC_LOGO_SUPPORTED_WEBThe experiments use things that you may well have at home, or, under normal circumstances, which should be relatively easy to pick up in a supermarket.

The development of this booklet was supported by a small outreach grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Here are some other links to chemistry you can do at home:

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We’ll aim to bring you some more over the coming weeks.

Contributors: Eloise Hicketts, Bryony Wadkin-Snaith, Natalie Feypage01