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UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Bristol-Chem-4So I was a bit slow to the mark and only realised at lunchtime that today has been chosen as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by the United Nations. The Institute of Physics, together with Science Grrl, encouraged people to post pictures of themselves on social media, holding a note stating who their favourite scientists are. I borrowed a camera and here are some of the staff and students in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol telling you theirs:

Bristol-Chem-2 Bristol-Chem-5 Bristol-Chem-6 Bristol-Chem-7 Bristol-Chem-7b Bristol-Chem-9

In case you can’t read some (we had problems with borrowed camera vs. lighting), here are some of the names:

  • Marie Curie Sklodowska
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Carmen Galan
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Ada Lovelace
  • Jane Goodall
  • Lise Meitner
  • Dorothy Hodgkin
  • Kara Ranaghan
  • Hypatia
  • Emmy Noether
  • Jane S. Richardson
  • Caroline Hershel
  • Émilie du Châtelet
  • Elizabeth Blackwell
  • Marsha Lester
  • Barbara Finlayson-Pitts
  • the Lego Scientist Minifigure

We also had some “Me” and “My Mum”, and there were some that I couldn’t read and/or write down – you can add yours in the comments.

Now, if you only wanted a cup of tea, sorry for trying to make you join in. And if you either couldn’t think of anybody when put on the spot, or couldn’t decide who of the many female scientist you admire to pick, don’t worry, there’s always next year…

Contributors: staff and students in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, photos taken by Adrian Mulholland and Natalie Fey, writing by Natalie Fey